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The Kinabatangan River is the 2nd longest river in Malaysia and made up of tropical lowland forests. Although no longer as extensive as it once was, it remains one of the few areas in Sabah where visitors can still see a large majority of Borneo’s indigenous wildlife in a single area. It is home to proboscis monkeys, langurs, gibbons, orang utan, hornbills, estuarine crocodiles, Bornean pygmy elephants, and the clouded leopard.


PAGANAKAN DII works closely with several partners (who are also our friends) to offer tours and cruises of the rainforests and rivers. For those with the time and the budget, a personal trip into the interior is definitely worth a thousand documentaries and Nature books. Take wildlife cruises along the river and go for day and nigh-time jungle walks to get even closer to the action.


Visit the Gomantong Caves where swiftlets’ nest are harvested twice annually and sold as an expensive Chinese delicacy on the way to the Kinabatangan. We can arrange the following:-


** If you have trouble getting information about the Danum Valley or even Maliau Basin, let us help you find the relevant guides/tours and accommodation providers..