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Paganakan Dii literally translated means ‘The Family’ in the language of the largest indigenous group in Sabah, the Kadazan-Dusun communities.


The concept of ‘Family’ became the foundation on which everything at the retreat was created - from the layout of the compund, to the room configurations, to the intimacy of spaces created and ultimately the desire to build something that would bring people together, even if for only a short moment.


Set on a narrow ridge, Paganakan Dii is a cosy development of 3 duplexes (6 rooms) and 3 longhouses (36 beds), laid out along the perimeter of a hill top. Just a few hundred feet below the rooms are the communal pavilion-cum-restaurant and dewan multi-purpose hall, both built on the hill slopes and offering beautiful views of the compound and surrounding foliage. Reaching our remote retreat is but a short steep road (of about 150ft), discreetly hidden within the compunds of Taman Jalil Alip.


The link between building an affordable retreat which stands out from common wooden huts and a calculated effort to bring people together and spark friendships is hopefully evident as you spend time with us. With an open smile, we wish to welcome you to our home...